Kevin Durant Won’t Give A Return Date But Said His Knee Injury ‘Could Be A Lot Worse’

Kevin Durant spoke to reporters on Wednesday night for the first time since he was injured last month.

The Golden State Warriors forward sported a large knee brace and walked on two massive crutches as he spoke to reporters a week after injuring his left knee against the Washington Wizards.

Durant offered no updated timeline for his return and said rehabbing the MCL sprain and bone bruise is his only focus.

“I’m not even trying to put a date on it,” Durant said. “I’m setting goals every single day. Straightening my leg out, that was a big goal of mine throughout this week. I was able to accomplish that. Got some range of motion as I bent my leg. So that was a key for me. Just trying to set these small goals day by day.”

The Warriors had previously said they will reevaluate Durant’s injury in another three weeks. That appears to still be the case, though Durant’s interview does reveal a bit more about how serious he thought the injury would be.

“It could be a lot worse,” Durant told reporters. “A lot of things could’ve happen. I hurt my knee. A lot of guys go through this throughout the season. It’s nothing for anyone to be concerned about. I got a boo-boo playing basketball. It is what it is. My spirits are good. My family is good. I’m doing what I love to do every single day.”

Durant said he’s been shooting from a chair to keep his form and trying to keep his knee from stiffening up. After the media session, he grabbed his crutches and walked off with the aid of a significant knee brace.

It doesn’t look great, but it does show he’s at least walking at this point. Also, for comparison, let’s take a look at those gigantic crutches on a normal-sized human being.

Hey, anything to get the 6’11 shooter up and walking again.