Kevin Durant Claims James Worthy Did Some ‘Shady Sh*t’ After He Joined The Warriors

04.03.17 2 years ago 10 Comments

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Kevin Durant is calling out an NBA legend who he claims was supportive to his face but critical of his move to Golden State on air.

The injured Warriors star appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast on Saturday and said James Worthy burned him on air. Simmons asked Durant about the best criticism he received from someone on TV. He started to give an answer before his agent, Rich Kleiman, asked him to tell a story about a two-faced NBA star saying one thing in person and another thing entirely on air.

Durant hesitated to name the former player, but then admitted that he did some “shady sh*t to me” and retold the story of how the two met before his first game with the Warriors and received encouragement for his move from Oklahoma City to Golden State.

“We played in Vancouver, first game in a Warriors uniform. And I see James Worthy walking out as I was leaving the game, it’s a legend here. Big Game James. I didn’t get to see him play but I just know all about him, I’m a little skeptical at this point to even talk to anybody from the generation before because I don’t even know how they feel about me as a person, as a player because these dudes—they look at me as like, ‘Oh you switching teams, you chasing this, you chasing that.’ So I’m just gonna keep it moving.

But he was like, ‘Man. Don’t worry about that stuff. People change jobs every single year, every single day. Don’t worry about that. Just go out there and keep working and go win.’ So I’m like, ‘Man that’s nice.’”

It’s understandable that Durant was excited to see some support from an older NBA player, especially one on television. The basketball world was decidedly split when he announced his decision to leave the Thunder and play for what was at the time its most hated rival. The decision was deeply personal—seeking an NBA title his own way—and getting reassured before one of the most anticipated games of his NBA career had to give him confidence not everyone hated him for wanting to win.

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