Kevin Durant Says He Wasn’t Mad About Peyton Manning’s Jokes, He Was Actually In On Them

Kevin Durant did not appear pleased when Peyton Manning had some fun at his expense at the ESPYs, but now he says he was in on it the whole time.

Durant gave his best stink face when ESPYs host Manning gently joked about him jumping on a winning Golden State team at ESPN’s annual sports award show on Wednesday night, and the Internet loved to watch him broil over the slight while even his mother, Wanda, laughed the mostly-wooden Manning off.

But by Thursday morning, word leaked out that Durant wasn’t actually mad. In fact, he found it quite funny.

Whether this is Durant trying to save face or actually a manufactured award show moment probably doesn’t matter at this point. The general consensus is that Durant was mad, social media had its fun, and people in Oklahoma City probably felt a bit better about the fact that he bolted last summer. At least for a moment or two.

Still, Durant did his best to make light of the situation. He even tweeted out his own reaction face later during the award show.

Maybe he really was in on it. Durant gave a very short speech when he took home an award later in the show, but he’s proven in the past that he can be a funny dude. Maybe he can get his turn at roasting sports stars if he hosts the event next summer.