Kevin Durant Had A Funny Reaction To Sixers Fans Chanting ‘KD Sucks’ When He Wasn’t Even Playing

The Sixers and Nets met on Wednesday night in a game with serious seeding implications in the East, as the winner would take a one game lead for the 1-seed in the East and Philly could earn the tiebreaker with Brooklyn with a win. The Nets, coming off a back-to-back after playing Minnesota on Tuesday afternoon following a postponement, was without most of their stars, as Kevin Durant, James Harden, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Blake Griffin were all out.

For the first three quarters, it looked the part of the expected Philly blowout as Joel Embiid dominated, Ben Simmons did Ben Simmons things, and in general the Sixers offense was humming. However, in the fourth quarter the Nets bench got going and narrowed the Philly advantage to as few as three — without Kyrie Irving who was also terrific — and forced Simmons and Embiid to return to close it out. As Embiid stepped to the free throw line up three, the Philly crowd turned their attention for some reason to Kevin Durant who had not played and was standing on the Nets bench, launching a “KD sucks” (or maybe KD’s soft?) chant at him which earned a pretty funny reaction from KD who just threw his hands out like “what did I do?”

DeAndre Jordan’s confused turn to the crowd was also funny. Durant had, to my knowledge, not said a word about the Sixers recently, as his energy has been focused more on Shannon Sharpe using fake quotes of his to critique him \ than a Philly team he wasn’t even going to play against. There wasn’t really any reason for this beyond it’s a game in Philly so they’ve got to heckle someone and KD’s more fun to heckle than, like, Bruce Brown. That they were yelling during their own team’s free throws was also odd given that home arenas usually try to stay silent in that situation, but Embiid knocked them down and the Sixers pulled back away for the win.