Kevin Durant On His Spat With Michael Rapaport: ‘That’s Not Really What I Want People To See Or Hear From Me’

Kevin Durant is reportedly nearing a return to on-court action after missing almost two months with a hamstring injury. As such, the Brooklyn Nets star addressed the media on Thursday but, in addition to discussion about his health and pending return, Durant was also ask about recent language used on social media.

Though his vulgar and controversial exchange with actor Michael Rapaport was not directly mentioned in either the question or answer on Thursday, Durant issued up an apology.

“I’m sorry that people seen that language I used,” Durant said. “That’s not really what I want people to see and hear from me. But hopefully I can move past it and get back out on the floor.”

Durant’s response was not exactly bountiful, as seen above, and he pivoted things back to the basketball court in short order. This also comes after Durant issued something of an apology on Twitter on Tuesday, seemingly referencing Rapaport.

Durant used multiple anti-gay slurs in his conversation with Rapaport and, while the NBA has not made any kind of public statement, it is possible that the league could address the behavior in some form with Durant. This response could, however, be the end of Durant’s acknowledgement on the topic, though it is certainly possible he will prompted about his actions again.