Kevin Durant Is Still Trying To Convince Everyone That The Warriors Aren’t A Super Team

06.15.17 9 months ago 10 Comments

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When a team that has the reigning, two-time NBA MVP adds another former MVP who is a consensus top five player in the NBA the year after a 73-9 regular season, it would seem more than reasonable to call them a super team. The Warriors, with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson — all All-Stars this season — belong in the super team category for pretty much everyone in basketball after their 16-1 romp through the playoffs to a title, with one very big exception.

Kevin Durant doesn’t believe they’re a super team. The Finals MVP chooses to call them a group of basketball players that just happen to work “extremely well together.” This is true. They do work extremely well together, but they’re also a super team.

I think it’s fair to call a team with multiple former MVPs still in their primes, with two more All-Stars around them a super team. That is not a controversial take, but apparently it’s one that grinds KD’s gears. That’s likely because Durant has had to become incredibly defensive about his decision to go to the Warriors for a full year now, and he can’t help but take offense at any perceived slight brought his way.

Here’s what he had to say to ESPN’s Chris Haynes about the “super team” moniker being placed on the Warriors.

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