Kevin Durant Says The Wizards ‘Definitely Need’ John Wall Back In The Lineup

02.28.18 12 months ago

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The Washington Wizards have been on tear since John Wall had to undergo surgery to repair a lingering knee issue. They’ve gone 10-3 in his absence, which has sparked a good bit of overreaction from a certain subset of fans who believe they might better off without him altogether.

The Wizards themselves haven’t helped matters in that department. A couple of ill-conceived tweets from teammates have directly or inadvertently fed into the idea that their recent surge is a product of addition by subtraction. This mainly had to do with Marcin Gortat, who tweeted a sly comment about a “team” win a couple of weeks back, which led he and Wall to have a sit-down to clear the air.

Many think the notion that the Wizards are better without the All-Star point guard is patently absurd, and Kevin Durant is chief among that camp, as he told reporters prior to tip-off of the Wizards’ home game against the Warriors on Wednesday night.

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