Kevin Garnett Shut Down Any LeBron James Over Michael Jordan Talk On ‘Area 21’

03.28.18 10 months ago 3 Comments

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On Tuesday night Dwyane Wade safely put LeBron James in the category of one of the two best NBA players of all-time. Later that night, in a discussion on Kevin Garnett’s Area 21, the NBA legend in his own right made it clear that Michael Jordan is, in his mind, the greatest player ever.

Garnett hosted “media night” on Tuesday’s show, inviting Casey Stern, Jemele Hill, Shams Charania and Rosalyn Gold-Onwude on to talk about various league issues during the games and after the evening slate wrapped up. But a discussion about whether James or Jordan were the better player quickly went off the rails in Garnett’s mind, forcing him to leave his chair and make an impassioned defense of Jordan as the GOAT.

The conversation stemmed from the amount of criticism LeBron gets compared to Jordan, and when Gold-Onwude suggested Jordan never faced the criticism LeBron gets today, he had enough.

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