Dwyane Wade Believes LeBron James Is ‘Arguably The Greatest’ Basketball Player Ever

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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade aren’t teammates anymore, but they have been now at two different points in their careers. They of course joined forces in Miami in 2010, and reunited in Cleveland with the Cavaliers to start the 2017 season.

Wade was traded back to Miami in February, a move that everyone involved seems to think was the right deal to make. And Wade back on the Heat means one of the friendliest rivalries in the NBA gets to resume.

When Wade’s Heat hosted James’ Cavs on Tuesday night, LeBron actually led the head-to-head rivalry 15-14, but Wade evened it up with the help of a 98-79 drubbing. It was a big win for the Heat as they try to hang onto a playoff spot, and before the game Wade was asked about his relationship with LeBron and what it’s like playing against him. Wade didn’t mince words: it’s a chance to play against one of the greatest ever.

“He’s one of the game’s greatest players. Arguably the greatest,” Wade said. “I favor Michael Jordan. … So it’s one and two of the greatest players of all time and I get an opportunity to play against one of them.”

Wade it clear: anytime you get to play against the best ever, it’s special.

“Every time I look forward to the environment. I look forward to the competitiveness, the competition of it. And I want to walk away with the win. So he got me by one right now and I need this. It’s our last time facing him this year so I definitely want to even it out.”

Wade got his wish on Tuesday night, and he even got a chance to swat LeBron during the game.

The regular season win is nice, but one thing that’s missing from the rivalry is a chance for Wade and LeBron to see one another in the playoffs. It’s possible this year, and it’s intriguing to Wade for sure. It just might make them a bit less friendly for at least a few weeks.