Kevin Hart Takes An Ice Bath With LaVar Ball In The Debut Of His Sports Talk Show ‘Cold As Balls’

02.08.18 1 year ago


The best interview shows throw someone outside of their comfort zone and get them to open up. Hot Ones uses spicy chicken wings to do just that, setting a celebrity’s mouth on fire and peppering them with questions.

Comedian Kevin Hart, however, is taking the opposite approach. In Cold As Balls, his new interview show on the Laugh Out Loud Network, Hart is talking to various people from the sports world while shirtless. The same folks that brought you The 5th Quarter — OBB Pictures — are making this show with Hart that has a unique twist. The interviewer and interviewee are sitting in cold tubs in a locker room – a familiar but still chilling place – for the athletes he’s interviewing.

And Hart promises to ask the tough questions.

“As a father of three sons, which one do you like the least?” Hart asks a shirtless LaVar Ball as the two sit in ice baths. Look at LaVar here, trying to come up with an answer.

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