Kevin Hart Explained He’s Secretly Rooting For LeBron To ‘Make History’ And Beat The Warriors

06.06.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

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For NBA fans that also happen to enjoy comedy movies, Kevin Hart is a ubiquitous presence in their lives. The diminutive comedian has become the biggest comedy movie star in the world, popping up in everything from R-rated adult comedies to animated children’s comedies and everything in between. He also happens to be a huge basketball fan, who seemingly shows up at every major NBA event.

Kevin Hart fatigue was very real for NBA fans for a few years, as he continuously won the MVP of the Celebrity Game at All-Star Weekend, but since retiring from that, while still around, his presence isn’t quite as in your face. That said, he’s still very much around, hanging out courtside at games to watch his friends play basketball.

Hart was courtside for Game 1 of the Finals in Oakland this year, and as he explained to Stephen Colbert on Monday night, he has to walk a fine line when cheering during games because he’s friends with players on both teams.

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