Yes, Brandon Jennings Really Is The Reason Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Are Together

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Brandon Jennings inserted himself into Game 3 of the Wizards-Celtics as an instigator in an already contentious series. Jennings was ejected along with young Celtics guard Terry Rozier after a pair of double technicals were given to the two of them for continued jawing and confrontation.

Jennings has otherwise been a non-factor in the series, averaging 1.3 points per game, but he and Kelly Oubre Jr. — also ejected for an altercation with Kelly Olynyk in Game 3 — provided an emotional spark for the Wizards that saw them trounce the Celtics and pull to within a game of Boston in the series and hold home court. After the game, coach Scott Brooks told the media he had no problem with the technicals because he liked having a tough point guard.

For Jennings, being an instigator is the least he can do for the Wizards. As Candace Buckner of the Washington Post wrote, it’s his natural inclination, dating all the way back to his youth growing up in Compton.

“When I was younger, they used to punk me and make me play against older guys,” Jennings said. “The only way I could play is if I showed toughness and didn’t cry. That’s where it comes from.”

Jennings doesn’t just instigate on the court, he likes to insert himself into the lives of his friends, too, which is how he came to be the one responsible for setting Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian up together, according to Buckner.

When a good friend was having dating problems, Jennings took it upon himself to introduce her to a nice young man. Yes, Khloe Kardashian and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson are together because Jennings played matchmaker.

In an episode of The Road Trippin’ Podcast back in February, Thompson told the story of just how Jennings went about making that connection, setting his two friends up on a blind date at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

“It was actually Brandon Jennings that put us on a blind date. So, Brandon kinda set it up…so Brandon was like, ‘hey man, come to The Beverly Hills Hotel…I’m going to have someone there for you.’ I was like, ‘who?’ and he was like ‘just come on man, come on.’ He had always mentioned that he was close with Khloe and I’m like, ‘OK, Brandon, OK whatever,’ but then I show up and she’s there. …So Brandon set that up and it’s probably one of the best lobs he’s ever thrown in his career.”

There you have it. Brandon Jennings is a scorer, instigator, and matchmaker, just not necessarily in order of success rate.