Watch These Adorable Kids Barely Avoid Crying Tears Of Joy After Meeting Team USA

Running into a professional athlete at random is like the children’s version of winning the lottery. Meeting an entire group of the world’s best basketball players at the same time is like hitting the lotto while getting photographic proof of Bigfoot riding a unicorn. One lucky group of kids in Harlem on Monday got the latter unique privilege when the NBA was around to capture their pure, unbridled glee at the sight of so many NBA superstars in one spot. But even that sentence doesn’t quite do justice to their responses.

These four kids were on the verge of tears recalling how they’d met multiple players from the just-finalized USA Men’s Basketball Team.


They mentioned that they didn’t get to meet LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but they hardly seemed disappointed. “If I see ‘Melo, I’m going to cry,” one says, while another adds the same thing about potentially meeting LeBron. Those comments were sandwiched by a ton of “Oh my god” and “I can’t believe this” exclamations with some shrieking and ear-to-ear smiling interspersed.

It’s really an incredible 37-second display showcasing just how much the game of basketball means for children around New York City.

The NBA even uploaded a Vine showing Jimmy Butler and DeMar DeRozan meeting kids at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park.

Even Kevin Durant was there, dropping buckets.

Yeah, KD really likes it along the Harlem River on 155th street.

Stay tuned for a Team USA drop-in near you. But, there was a reason USA Basketball tipped off this summer’s festivities in Harlem. Those kids were so lit up by the whole thing.