Klay Thompson Laid The SmackDown On A Bottle Of Gatorade

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Klay Thompson is one of the NBA’s most fascinating stars. He spent what seemed like his entire summer gallivanting around China for his sneaker sponsor Anta, and from that one trip alone we got to witness Thompson Shaqtin’ himself on a 360 dunk attempt before filming a bizarre commercial featuring him bathing with his new kicks.

Thompson went from his summer in China to the 2017-18 NBA regular season where he landed in the middle of a news report about dangerous New York City scaffolding. We don’t know if there is some higher power at play, or just Thompson’s incredible luck, but wherever Klay goes, hilarity seems to follow. It’s a gift.

Whatever the case may be, Thompson found himself in the middle of another moment after the Golden State Warriors defeated the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night. But first, some backstory. Thompson is one of the many professional athletes to have an endorsement deal with the sports drink company BODYARMOR.

Gatorade has an endorsement deal with the NBA, so there is some obvious conflict here. During every NBA press conference, you’ll see a bottle of Gatorade at the podium for whoever is up there. Some players drink it, some don’t, but it’s always there unless a player decides to remove it.

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