Klay Thompson On Leaving The Warriors: ‘Sometimes, Breakups Are Necessary To Do What’s Right’

Klay Thompson‘s time with the Golden State Warriors came to an end this summer, as the future Hall of Fame inductee could not agree to a new deal with the team. As a result, he joined the Dallas Mavericks as part of a gigantic sign-and-trade, and while the fit alongside Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving is a really good one, it’s still going to be strange seeing Thompson play for anyone other than the Warriors.

Thompson was introduced by the Mavericks on Tuesday and got to speak to the media, where he was asked about his departure from the Bay. As is usually the case, Thompson was candid about the emotions that he felt, but made clear that he believes this was the right thing to do.

“Probably a little disappointed at first, but then as time goes on, you have a lot of time to reflect and you realize what you did,” Thompson told the press. “They can’t take that away from you as far as the championships, or — records are meant to be broken, but the impact you have on a community and all that, that will forever live.

“Sometimes, breakups are necessary to do what’s right, and I’m not the first athlete in the NBA to go through this,” he continued. “I did grow up in Portland, and I remember when Scottie Pippen came to the Blazers, that was, like, the biggest day of my life. And I’m not saying I’m Scottie, but they were right there, against the Lakers, almost won a chip, so. I take a lot of inspiration from past athletes and how their careers might have gone astray when they either left a team, or joined a new team, and some guys thrive. And I look forward to just kind of being rejuvenated here. A lot of good basketball left in the tank.”

Thompson received a 3-year, $50 million deal to join the Mavericks.