Klay Thompson Will Listen To Drake During The Finals, Just Not ‘Soft’ Songs Since He’s In ‘Kill Mode’

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The NBA Finals are finally just a day away, bringing our long national nightmare that is talking only about the Lakers prolonged implosion to a merciful end with actual basketball on the horizon.

Wednesday brought with it media day, where you get little actual insight into the upcoming games, but can watch players squirm as Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live! asks them about whether they’re excited for Kevin Durant’s departure. With game strategy not exactly a topic players are willing to delve into, Drake was a big part of the media day conversation, as the Toronto native and Raptors ambassador/super fan has been in the news plenty this postseason.

For the Finals, Drake is in an interesting position given his well known fondness for the Warriors and friendship with many of the players, and the Warriors have been asked about their feelings on Drake heading into this series. Draymond Green joked about Drake’s hooping ability last week, noting he won’t have an impact on the game outcomes. Klay Thompson was asked if he’d be skipping Drake songs if they pop up on playlists this week and the resulting answer was a very Klay answer.

I appreciate Thompson’s honesty here. He’s not going to pretend he doesn’t like Drake’s music just because he’s a Raptors fan, but does note that softer R&B ballads won’t have a place in his rotation over the course of the series because he’s in “kill mode.” This may be wise as the last team to face them had a local radio station ban all Drake music from the airwaves and we saw how that turned out.