Kobe Bryant Really Doesn’t Want Roy Hibbert To Put His Hand On Him

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers may be distracting themselves from another lottery-bound season with Kobe Bryant‘s farewell tour, which is actually hurting their rebuilding efforts, the fact remains that they’re a very bad basketball team that’s losing in a way Bryant never really has when he’s been on the court. The maniacally competitive Kobe can’t just sit back and think of his upcoming free time every game when the Lakers are getting spanked; sometimes he’s gonna be a tad pissed off they’re losing.

In those moments, like when the Lakers finished out the first quarter getting more than doubled up by the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, it’s best to give the man his distance. We’re talking to you, Roy Hibbert — getting all up in the Mamba’s personal space like that. You should know better by now, you’re a veteran.

Of course, you could make the argument that this was simply the case of an attempted high five on Kobe’s part that the magic of slow motion twists into looking like something else. But looking at the game’s play-by-play, nothing jumps out that Kobe did at the end of the first quarter that would have deserved DAP, and neither player makes eye contact. Also, we choose to believe Kobe is coordinated enough to not miss Hibbert’s hand completely while trying for a high five.

We’re sticking with our theory that Kobe was just a little pissed off and got Hibbert out of his personal space. Don’t push the Mamba, Roy.

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