Kyrie Irving Politely Asked Brian Scalabrine If He’s Allowed To Call Him The ‘White Mamba’

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Kyrie Irving is a member of the Boston Celtics now, in case you have been completely ignoring all NBA news for the past week and a half, and on Friday he was introduced officially to the Boston media. In his press conference, that was held along with free agent signing Gordon Hayward, Irving revealed that he hadn’t spoken with LeBron James since his trade request, and the two joked about how LeBron’s return squashed Hayward potentially signing in Cleveland in 2014.

After the press conference ended, Irving wasn’t done with the media, as he had some TV responsibilities to take care of with CSN New England. Former Celtic and fan favorite Brian Scalabrine was one of those handling Irving’s TV interview, and the two shared a funny moment prior to going live on air.

While getting settled in, with a camera rolling, Irving politely asked Scalabrine, “am I allowed to call you what everyone else calls you?” Scalabrine told him he can call him the White Mamba or Scal or whatever else in a pretty funny moment, as the two laughed at how ridiculous the legend of the White Mamba has become. The Facebook Live video, which was on CSN New England’s Facebook (which is where the pre-air camera roll was broadcast with the interaction), has since been removed.

Kyrie: “Am I allowed to call you what everyone else calls you?”

Scalabrine: “White Mamba. Scal.”

Kyrie: “OK, I’m just making sure. I just wanted to make sure. I didn’t know. This is my first time, so I’m just asking you.”

Scalabrine: “What did you know me as?”

Kyrie: “Cause White Mamba scored 93 points. 77.”

Scalabrine: “Yeah, the legend keeps growing. We’re wondering if there’s a cap to the legend.”

Kyrie: “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Scalabrine: “It keeps going up. I’m like, ‘you realize I averaged 2 a game, right?’ I think people forgot.'”

They also shared a laugh about Scalabrine’s legendary post-NBA Finals presser, in which he told the media he didn’t care that he barely played because he’s got a ring and he can tell folks 20 years from now he had a significant role. Irving and Scalabrine bonded over going into your post-Finals win press conference with a “f*ck that sh*t” attitude after getting a little drunk in the locker room and wanting to hit the podium.