Kyrie Irving’s Season Is Over After ‘Successful’ Surgery On His Right Shoulder

The Brooklyn Nets had one of the biggest offseasons of any team not in Los Angeles, but the fruits of this past summer will not come to bear until next season at the earliest.

After signing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, it was always known that the two-time Finals MVP would not suit up until the 2020-21 season, making this season about acclimating themselves to Kyrie and getting ready for a full run at the East next year. Unfortunately, Irving has been forced to miss most of the season with a nagging right shoulder injury that finally led him to opt for season-ending surgery after cortisone shots were simply not doing enough for him.

On Tuesday, the Nets announced that Irving had “successful” surgery, in so much as one can know about it in the immediate aftermath, and that while his season is over he is expected to make a full recovery.

Brooklyn has lost four games in a row and is holding on to the eighth spot in the East playoff standings, but is not assured that spot if Washington or even Chicago get hot and Brooklyn doesn’t right the ship. In any case, the focus for Irving and Durant is on the longterm and, hopefully, getting together for a full healthy season next year.

The Nets took a risk when they signed Durant coming off an Achilles tear and Irving’s various injuries and ailments have been well-documented over his career. There was always the chance for this to be, effectively, a lost season, but they just have to hope it’s worth it in the end if they can get the two stars back on the floor at their full capabilities.