Kyrie Irving Will Be Honored By The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe At A Special Ceremony

08.17.18 9 months ago

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For better or worse, Kyrie Irving is by far the “wokest” player in the NBA, if your definition of wokeness is a penchant for challenging everything you’ve ever learned. It’s admirable, in some respects, but Irving has trouble resisting the urge to take that skepticism to its logical extreme, namely with his ongoing crusade against the commonly held belief about the shape of our planet.

But being woke also means being socially conscious and socially active. These qualities also describe Kyrie Irving. So it was only mildly surprising to learn that not only is Irving a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe via his late mother’s side of the family; the tribe is also holding a special ceremony to honor him next week.

The Sioux are doing so partially because of his unique heritage, but mainly for his public support of their quest to stop production of the Dakota Access pipeline that posed all sorts of environmental and health threats to their tribal land and the native people living on the reservation.

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