Kyrie Irving Released His First Statement About The Nike Kyrie 8s After Calling Them ‘Trash’

Kyrie Irving turned some heads with a recent Instagram comment that expressed serious disappointment on his latest signature sneaker through Nike. After a handful of images of the Kyrie 8s leaked, Irving hopped into the comments, called them “trash,” and stressed that “I have Absolutely nothing to do with them!”

It’s unusual for a guy to put the makers of their own signature kicks on blast like this, and while Irving is not exactly the kind of person who is known for biting his tongue when something rubs his the wrong way, sounding off in the comment of an Instagram post instead of hitting up someone at Nike took the strangeness of the whole thing to another level. But in a new statement, Irving issues up an apology, saying “it was unfair to put the blame on Nike or any one person.”

Further, Irving made clear that he and Nike plan to work together to figure out whatever the latest edition of the sneaker will look like, saying “we are diligently working, restructuring, and reimagining things together to make sure we get it right.”

What is not clear is whether or not this will impact whatever release date Nike originally had set for the Kyrie 8s, but the good news is that the sneakers will come with Irving’s stamp of approval, whenever they do his shelves.