Ice Cube Would Love To See Lamar Odom In The BIG3 If He Can Get In Shape

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A few weeks ago, Lamar Odom finally broke his silence and told the world about his long-time struggles with addiction in a brutally honest piece in the Players’ Tribune. After years of rumors and speculation, Odom said that he’s finally in recovery for his substance abuse issues, and now it appears he might be making strides toward playing basketball again.

Odom reportedly attended the BIG3 games in Los Angeles over the weekend, where he spoke to league brass about potentially coming on-board next season. Founder Ice Cube said he’d be more than happy for Odom to join the BIG3, but with one caveat. Via TMZ Sports:

“I love Lamar, man. I’d love to see him play again. Dude’s just gotta get in shape. If they think they’re just gonna walk off the street, onto the BIG3 court, they’re sadly mistaken.”

Odom hasn’t played basketball professionally in more than three years, but at just 37 years old, he would definitely be on the younger end of the spectrum for BIG 3 players. He has plenty of time between now and next season to get in shape, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we might finally see a two-time champ back in a basketball uniform soon.

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