LaMelo Ball Got Into A Fist Fight During A Game In Lithuania After Slapping An Opponent

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LaVar Ball’s JBA made it’s second stop on its international tour in Lithuania on Monday, where the Ball’s famously spent time earlier this year.

LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball’s Lithuanian basketball careers didn’t go especially well, with the two dominating in lower level games that were barely basketball, and often struggling in upper level games, butting heads with their coach. This summer, the two returned to the states to play in the JBA, which had some reported issues of its own, but the two won the JBA championship and now are the headliners for the international tour.

Whether a product of their time in Lithuania previously or just an incident during this game, LaMelo Ball found himself going toe to toe with Mindaugas Susinskas in a fist fight during the first game in Lithuania, leading to an ejection.

It appears Susinskas says something to Ball, who proceeds to slap Susinskas in the face with his left hand, sparking the fight. Both players throw punches, although neither appear to land anything of consequence in the fight before teammates and officials step in to separate the two.

The good news for LaMelo is this is far from the most controversial international incident caused by a member of the Ball family, but it doesn’t seem to bode well for the 28-game tour if in Game 2 there’s already a fight.

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