We Have Our First Look At LaMelo Ball’s New Big Baller Brand Sneakers

LaMelo Ball hasn’t started his junior year of high school yet. Despite this, the five-star prospect in the class of 2019 already has his own signature shoe through his family’s clothing and footwear company, Big Baller Brand. Ball teamed up with SLAM Magazine to announce that, despite only being 17, he already has his own kicks, the Melo Ball 1.

The sneaker mixes a red heel and laces with a unique camo fly knit design. Here they are from a few different angles.

Like all Big Baller Brand footwear releases, these come with a hefty price tag. Pre-orders are available now on the Big Baller Brand website, it will cost you $395. For sizes 14 and 15, getting your hands on a pair of the sneakers jumps up to $595. Additionally, if you want to purchase the footwear, your patience will be tested, as pairs are expected to ship by Dec. 23, 2017.

There’s a never-ending stream of hype around the youngest member of the Ball family, partly because he can really play, but also because his oldest brother is viewed as a savior for the Lakers franchise and his father — who makes a cameo at the end of the video — has turned into something of a media celebrity. Instead of shying away from this hype, LaMelo and the rest of the Ball family decided to amplify it by turning him into the first high schooler to get their own signature sneaker.

(Via SLAM Magazine)