One Of LaMelo Ball’s Opponents At His New School Is Canceling Their Game Because He Played Professionally

11.10.18 4 months ago

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LaMelo Ball is back in the United States, and in a bit of a twist, he’s playing high school basketball again. His hoops career brought him to a professional league in Lithuania and his father’s Junior Basketball Association stateside, but this winter, Ball will play high school hoops at SPIRE Institute in Ohio.

Upon word of this dropping, the same question was on everyone’s mind: How, exactly, is this legal? While the school claims he was not compensated during his time in professional leagues, that answer didn’t pass the smell test for a lot of people. Plus, well, he played pro ball then went back to high school, which is odd and certainly something that will lead to scrutiny.

Among those skeptical folks are the decision makers at La Lumiere School, who just happen to be an opponent on SPIRE Institute’s schedule this year. In a statement, the school’s administration said they were not comfortable having their students play against a team with someone who played pro hoops.

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