LeBron is playing point, Bosh is playing center. Sometimes.

09.20.10 8 years ago 33 Comments

After the Heat brought in LeBron and Chris Bosh to play with D-Wade, and the Miami roster began to take shape, the next obvious question was, “Where will they play?” It’s not like the ’07 Celtics, where it only made sense to plug in Ray Allen at the two and KG at the four because Boston had pieces set in place elsewhere. With this Miami group, having Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo at PG, and everybody yet nobody at center, plus throwing multi-positional Mike Miller into the mix, there are lots of possibilities. Coach Erik Spoelstra cleared up some confusion in an interview with the Miami Herald. According to Coach Spoelstra — contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, Pat Riley is not (yet) the coach of the Heat — Bosh will play some center but not a lot, and LeBron will play some point guard. “He will be a playmaker,” Spoelstra said of LeBron. “But he has also been a scoring champ. He will be at the end of plays to finish them. He will be a facilitator. He’ll be so many different things. We want to take advantage of all his skills.” … Michael Ruffin is one of those guys we were half-expecting to sign with the Heat this summer, but instead he’s gotten into coaching, taking an assistant job with the Colorado Kings of the ABA. First drill of practice: How to throw the ball high enough in the air to allow the clock to run out … And who says the Cavs won’t contend without LeBron? They filled the gap at small forward by signing ex-Georgetown and Nuggets star Reggie Williams. The Baltimore native is kind of old, but he’s got experience … Oh wait, never mind. The Cavs signed Jawad Williams to help fill the LeBron void. He’s the guy who arguably wasn’t even the best “Williams” on his college team. Yeah, good luck with that. Seriously, is there a worse team on paper right now than Cleveland? Maybe the Wolves, perhaps the Raptors, but the list ain’t long … Surely you heard over the weekend about Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio, who suffered a mild heart attack just hours after his team beat Notre Dame in maybe the most exciting college game of the year so far. Dantonio’s situation again brings to the forefront the culture of coaching at big-time levels of sport and the stress that comes with it. Who do you think is under more stress consistently: NFL coaches, college football coaches, Major League Baseball managers, NBA coaches, or college basketball coaches? … And as long as there are millions of dollars on the line, will the profession ever change to where guys aren’t as stressed out? Sadly, we highly doubt it … We’re out like Ruffin’s arm …

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