LeBron James Has ‘Always Wanted To Play’ On The Same Team As Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony is still in basketball purgatory, as he’s technically on the roster of the Houston Rockets but isn’t going to suit up for the team again. It’s led to a bunch of questions about where Anthony will end up next, but so far, none of those questions have been answered.

Anthony struggled to consistently be a net positive in Houston, so no one is sure exactly sure what they’d get if he joined their team. In fact, a report on Tuesday indicated two potential suitors — the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers — have resisted the idea of bringing him on board.

That doesn’t mean those two landing spots don’t make some amount of sense. Philly could use some depth, while L.A. has one of his best friends, LeBron James. While we’re not sure what anyone in the City of Brotherly Love thinks about Anthony, James was asked on Tuesday night, and while he understands it would be require some work, this would help him achieve something he’s only gotten to do with USA Basketball.

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