LeBron James And Anthony Davis Discussed The End Of ‘Squid Game,’ Which LeBron Did Not Like

LeBron James and Anthony Davis both played in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 111-99 preseason loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. Neither guy played a ton, they both did a solid job as they’re working off the rust that might have built up this past offseason, and it is still the preseason, so neither dude seemed particularly bummed about how things went after the game, in part because their focus was on something else: Squid Game.

James and Davis both spoke to the media, with James going first. After his time at the podium came to an end, Davis started walking up, and the pair had a quick conversation about Netflix’s smash hit series that is the most-watched show in the company’s history. While there are obviously spoilers in the below video, the biggest takeaway was that James did not like how it ended.

This sentiment was shared by another NBA player, Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets.

It is very funny how visibly upset James is over the final episode of a television show. Then again, people really got into the first season of Squid Game, so it makes sense that even LeBron James would have such a strong reaction to how it ended.