LeBron James Basically Told An Overeager Ben Simmons To Count The Rings

Associate Editor

Thursday’s NBA Draft was weird, because for so many years, the Draft was done with the intention of finding the next Michael Jordan. However, Thursday’s No. 1 pick wasn’t labeled the next MJ, as Ben Simmons is sometimes viewed as the next LeBron James.

Part of this is because of the way they play – the two are, essentially, humongous point guards who are especially great passers and rebounders. But this comparison oftentimes gets thrown out because the two are friends, so much so that they had a conversation on the night of the Draft.

Simmons was being the typical overeager rookie, so during his convo with LeBron, he mentioned that he’s excited to get on the court and play against the best player in the world. Pretty harmless, sure, but LeBron decided to do some rookie hazing. After Simmons said this, LeBron responded by turning his phone’s camera onto the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Ideally ,this becomes a thing that happens for the rest of the offseason – someone says something to LeBron that he doesn’t really like, so he responds by showing them the championship trophy. It could be other players, waiters at restaurants, people in the produce department at his local grocery store, whatever. The dude brought a title to Cleveland, he can totally get away with doing something like this.

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