LeBron James Explained His Love Of Bicycles And How He Plans To Bike Around Los Angeles

08.06.18 10 months ago 3 Comments

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Despite the noise surrounding the move thanks to the president, LeBron James is still celebrating the opening of a fully-funded public school in Akron. The president insulting his intelligence on Twitter doesn’t take away from the fact that 240 children in Ohio have had their education changed forever, and part of attending James’ school includes getting a bike at no charge.

Bikes are important to James, and he wanted the third and fourth graders at the ‘I Promise’ school to have the opportunity to ride one just like he did. James explained that bikes could help him get away from trouble in his neighborhood when he was growing up.

As it turns out, he felt strongly enough about the mode of transportation that he gave an interview to Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal about the bicycle and his love of riding. Gay is a self-proclaimed “massive bike dork” and James is a bit of an enthusiast himself, even today. Gay noted that James once rode a mountain bike to the arena on game nights. He’s hosted bike-a-thons in Ohio and even had a stake in a bicycle maker in the past.

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