LeBron James Responded To His First Career Ejection By Renaming His Shoes On Instagram

11.29.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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LeBron James made a bit of personal history on Tuesday night, earning his first career ejection for arguing a foul call in a game against the Miami Heat.

James addressed the ejection against his former team after the game and said “they” are trying to make him a jump shooter rather than someone who drives to the basket. Simply put: he seemed frustrated by the calls and the result.

It was a rare occasion James has lost his cool on the floor to the extent that a technical foul was issued, let alone an ejection. It even gave Enes Kanter a chance to poke fun at James, calling the official who ejected him the “King of Cleveland” online. Given LeBron’s long history of being able to flex on people, like his King of New York banter earlier in the month, it’s no wonder that some were eager to give him a hard time given his ejection.

But it doesn’t seem like James minded after the game. In fact, getting the win seems to be all that mattered to him late Tuesday night. LeBron’s postgame Instagram entry practically celebrated the ejection, with James naming his shoe colorway after the incident.

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