Frank Ntilikina And Enes Kanter Both Tried Getting Into It With LeBron James

It’s been a very interesting start to the week for LeBron James, even by his normal standards of news-making. The best basketball player on the planet is in New York to take on the Knicks on Monday evening and, before tip-off, there were numerous stories including two referencing rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina and veteran big man Enes Kanter.

On Monday, James took a shot at Phil Jackson through the prism of the selection of Ntilikina and, even if King James made it clear that it wasn’t a negative reference to the young point guard, that provided some interesting fodder. Then, LeBron made it clear that he was tired of Kanter always having something to say and that was all before the game even arrived.

Seemingly on cue, James and Ntilikina were tangled up a bit in the first half and it was Kanter that came to the defense of the youngster.

This did not escalate beyond a bit of arguing and minor shoving but it was clear that Ntilikina wasn’t going to simply back down at the sight of James. Kanter was also not prepared to let James’ show of strength slide without incident and, while he was doing what a strong veteran should do, an incident like this involving LeBron certainly means big-time news.

There always seems to be something interesting when a team led by LeBron James invades New York and, this time, it wasn’t an overwhelming chorus of positivity from the New York faithful.