LeBron James Spoke Out In Support Of Browns WR Josh Gordon’s Battle With Substance Abuse

10.11.17 7 months ago

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LeBron James issued some strong words of support for another Cleveland sports star going through a difficult time. James spoke out in support of suspended Browns wideout Josh Gordon, who is getting treatment for substance abuse injuries.

Gordon’s rehab for substance abuse is being documented by James’ company Uninterrupted. And while James said he doesn’t know Gordon very well, he knows how difficult it can be to work through substance abuse issues.

“I have zero relationship with Josh Gordon but I have a lot of knowledge about substance abuse,” James said. ” I’ve had someone in my family that’s had substance abuse and it’s very easy to point the finger at people when you don’t know what they’re going through. And that is a real issue. It’s a real thing and it’s a real mental thing.”

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