LeBron James Hit The Runway For Kith At New York Fashion Week

If you follow LeBron James on any social media platform at all you know that the man loves to lip synch, so it’s no surprise that, when given the chance, James did just that when given an audience and a soundtrack to sing.

James was at New York Fashion Week on Thursday night to help model for the Kith Fashion Show at the Classic Car Club in New York. James hinted on his Instagram story that he would be doing something special on Thursday night, and a brief appearance on camera by Kith founder Ronnie Fieg made it pretty obvious that he would be involved in the show in some way.

LeBron hit the stage to close out the show, dancing and mouthing the words to Jay Z and Kanye West’s “H*A*M” for about 20 seconds before walking off into the Classic Car Club darkness.

James and Fieg announced they’d be collaborating in August, and it looks like LeBron is very comfortable in the fashion world. He even wore a pair of his new LeBron 15 Nikes on the runway.

James had shown off the “ghost” colorway of his new shoe earlier in the evening, but it looks like he hit the runway with an entirely different pattern on his kicks later that night. Check out his feet in this photo.

Even Scottie Pippen dropped by wearing a track jacket to help Kith show off their latest looks.

LeBron looked pretty comfortable up there, and working the runway is much less strenuous than 82 games a year in the NBA. Maybe he’s found his calling once he’s done dominating the Association.