LeBron James Creates An Existential Dilemma For Lil Wayne In A New Beats Commercial

LeBron James is getting set for his 22nd season in the NBA, and has a big decision to make this summer as he can be a free agent if he so chooses. The expectation is that he remains in Los Angeles as a member of the Lakers, as they just hired his former podcast partner JJ Redick as head coach, but if L.A. doesn’t lay out a plan to invest in the roster to create a title contender, he could see what’s out there in free agency.

If he does that, plenty of teams will make their pitch to the best player of this generation (and arguably all-time), as he is both still a tremendous player and remains the NBA’s biggest draw, even after over two decades in the league. Similar to how there are few players that have ever had a claim to being as good or better than James on the basketball court, the list of players that have James’ level off the court appeal is just as short — basically, just him and Michael Jordan.

James pretty regularly stars in commercials, and his latest is with longtime partner Beats by Dr. Dre for the re-launch of the Beats Pill. In the spot, LeBron creates an existential dilemma for Lil Wayne by turning up his legendary track, ‘A Milli’, so loud in a penthouse party that Wayne can’t sleep in his condo underneath. When Wayne bursts in to turn it off, James reminds him that “wouldn’t Lil Wayne want us to play Lil Wayne too loud?”, which the New Orleans rapper can’t help but agree with.

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