LeBron James Thinks Both He And Justin Timberlake May Be GOATs Over Guys Named Michael

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04.04.18 8 Comments

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LeBron James is a big fan of Justin Timberlake. He made it a point to go hit up a Timberlake show when the singer/actor/guy who does a whole lot of other stuff made his way to Cleveland recently, and even got the chance to hop up on stage. The pair also hung out a little backstage, because that is something that famous people do.

Getting the chance to see Timberlake live apparently got James thinking about whether he is in the conversation for being the greatest entertainer of all time. James knows a thing or two about GOAT debates, and in his eyes, Timberlake has earned a spot in the conversation.

When he mentioned this in the locker room after Cleveland beat Toronto on Tuesday night, someone (correctly) brought up Michael Jackson and the fact that he’s had this market cornered for some time. This led to James dropping one of the best one-liners we’ve ever gotten out of him.

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