LeBron Joked About Stepping Out Of Bounds Down The Stretch Against Indiana

01.13.18 3 months ago

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LeBron James had a lot to be salty about after the Cavs’ meltdown against the Pacers on Friday night. It was Cleveland’s third straight loss, and it came amid a week of turmoil for a team desperately searching for answers to lingering issues that could come back to haunt them in the playoffs.

For starters, the Pacers’ 22-point comeback win was just the latest indictment of a porous Cavs defense that has been haunting them all season long. But LeBron also allowed his old nemesis Lance Stephenson to get under his skin and cost his team a technical foul in a game where every possession mattered.

Speaking of possessions that mattered, LeBron made a rare misstep – of the literal variety – in the final seconds when he stepped out of bounds on a drive to the basket that could have salvaged a victory for Cleveland.

It was one moment, however, that LeBron seemed to have a sense of humor about when he took to Twitter after the game.

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