LeBron Roasted A Reporter Who Asked About The Cavs’ Poor Defense

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have been blown out in two straight games, and many people think the blowup is coming for LeBron James and the Cavs. Tensions are high, and the team is clearly frustrated.

Head coach Tyronn Lue said the team needs to not have any “agendas” but didn’t elaborate after the Cavs lost big in Toronto on Thursday night. LeBron said the team was simply in a “funk” but the big breakdown hasn’t happened yet.

Despite the shouting during a timeout on Thursday, James does seem to be directing his frustrations not at his teammates or coach, but to members of the media. Buffalo News sports columnist Jerry Sullivan made the drive to Toronto to cover the game, which was a big Eastern Conference. After the loss, he asked LeBron about the poor defensive effort, and James sort of roasted the poor guy.


It’s impossible to know the context of the question without video, but it seems like either LeBron was uninterested in answering the question honestly or he was trying to lighten the mood. Either way, it’s a funny like from James, who is doing his best to manage the second considerable downswing in play from Cleveland this season.

James is right: Sully probably would not play great defense in the NBA. But that’s why he’s there to write about it, not play.

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