Watch LeBron James Hilariously Make Restaurant Goers Think He’s An Employee Named ‘Ron’

By now, it’s been established that LeBron James is one of the funnier people in sports. Everyone loved him in Trainwreck (and in the behind-the-scenes videos), his old Nike commercials with “The LeBrons” were hilarious, and when he wants to be, he has a pretty good sense of humor on social media.

LeBron’s latest attempt at comedic acting came in this promotional video for Blaze Pizza in Los Angeles. He played “Ron”, an employee on his first day of training who interacted with customers who had zero idea that they were talking to LeBron Freaking James. Sure, a handful of people shot him a look thinking that he may be LeBron, but no one had the presence of mind to go “wait, are you LeBron James?”

There are two parts in this that stand out. First was when one customer wore a Michigan t-shirt and LeBron, probably to the chagrin of most Ohioans, said that there’s nothing wrong with the state and that he was born there. But the best part came when someone, earnestly, said that he looks like Dwyane Wade. And bless LeBron, because he was somehow able to suppress laughter as he said that he gets that one a lot.

It’s probably safe to assume that someone was able to put two and two together but it was edited out of the video. Still, it’s much funnier to think that the closest anyone came to realizing that they were talking to LeBron James was when a person asked if he was Dwyane Wade.