Here’s What LeBron James Has Been Watching Instead Of Warriors-Spurs

04.08.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
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Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers have the top seed in the Eastern Conference all but locked up, the presence of the two giants out west has relegated them to second-tier status all season. It’s one of the reasons the Cavs have had such a strange vibe this year, even as they’ve had a wildly successful regular season by any statistical measure. Another reason for the strange vibe? LeBron James’ consistently baffling social media presence. It’s gotten to the point where every time he tweets anything, it feels like a coded message about something. And that’s how we’ve arrived at the latest attempt by amateur sleuths to crack LeBron’s low-rent Da Vinci Code:

It speaks to just how crazily LeBron has handled his social media accounts that my first reaction to this was, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.” It’s perfectly LeBron to performatively announce what he’s watching that isn’t the clash between his two biggest potential obstacles for an NBA title, as if to preempt any questions about it. He’s well and truly out-thinking himself if that’s the case, however. Now he’s just going to get asked about not watching the game, which will surely prompt him to shake his head and laugh ruefully. No matter his real intent, the solution is to never tweet. Life is a funny movie, though.

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