LeBron And Savannah James Recently Checked Out A Los Angeles High School

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One of the biggest questions looming over the upcoming NBA season is not whether the Golden State Warriors will repeat as NBA champions, but where LeBron James will play after said Warriors win said championship. The Dubs are the overwhelming favorite to win their third Larry O’Brien Trophy in four seasons, but where James will play after his contract with the Cavs runs out this summer truly is anybody’s guess.

Rumors say Los Angeles is a big target for LeBron, and there’s been plenty of talk about him going to the Lakers or maybe even the Clippers next summer. There’s nothing concrete at work here, but there are indications that it’s a destination that’s certainly on his mind.

James, for example, stopped by Sherman Oaks Notre Dame in Los Angeles on Thursday with his wife, Savannah. That wouldn’t be anything of note most of the time, but reports say the couple actually toured the school before James met with the boys basketball team there.

According to TMZ, the couple walked the campus for a bit before James worked out in the school’s gym.

LeBron James surprised the basketball team at Notre Dame High School in L.A. on Tuesday — hitting the gym for a training session while his wife checked out the campus … TMZ Sports has learned. We’re told Bron and Savannah James rolled up to the school in a chauffeured car around 6 PM and walked around campus before a workout on the court.

LeBron working out at a high school isn’t a huge shock because he has a home in Los Angeles and many NBA players work out there over the summer. But he and his wife touring an elite school in Los Angeles is notable when the couple has children they would ultimately relocate if James were to leave Cleveland.

Does the tour mean anything? Maybe! It doesn’t have to. But you’d think someone like LeBron James knows how to plan ahead at this point. Maybe he’ll tour a school in every NBA market just to drive us all crazy before basketball finally comes back to us.