LeBron’s Eerily Similar Windmill Dunks Four Years Apart Prove He Really Is Aging Like ‘Fine Wine’

03.14.18 11 months ago 2 Comments

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LeBron James threw down a stunning windmill dunk on a one-man fastbreak against the Suns on Tuesday night in Phoenix. It was one of the few highlights of a breezy 129-107 Cavs win against the Western Conference bottom-feeder during which LeBron logged his 14th triple-double of the season.

There’s no question it was a highlight-reel worthy slam, but there’s another reason why it’s been getting so much play the past 24 hours. A certain subset of clairvoyant fans felt something alarmingly familiar about that dunk, triggering a strong sense of deja vu. And as it turns out, their intuition was correct.

Some digging into the archives from those on Twitter revealed that LeBron threw down an eerily similar version of that same jam four years earlier when he was still a member of the Miami Heat. Take a look and see for yourself.

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