LeBron James Cautions Against Being ‘Fooled’ By Steph Curry’s Smile

09.07.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

LeBron James is having quite the summer. After winning his third NBA championship — the first for the Cleveland Cavaliers — James has spent his summer vacationing and spending time with his family.

The Cavaliers title was historic on many fronts. But what the internet can’t let go of is the fact that they came from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to clinch the Finals, besting regular season MVP Steph Curry in the process.

As a part of his summer tour, James appeared on Ellen and was asked about Curry by host Ellen DeGeneres.

“He’s a great guy. And he’s a fierce competitor, I’ll tell you that,” James began after DeGeneres asked if he knew Curry well. “Don’t be fooled by that smile when he comes up here. If you play basketball or golf, he’ll take it from you.”

James’ answer was in jest, but there is some truth in the joke. Curry is often seen as a humble, wholesome hooper, but he’s just as cut-throat as any of the game’s greats when on the floor. James did, however, offer up some solidarity between him and the Warriors’ star.

“For me, I think the best thing is that we’re two of the most talked about athletes in the world,” James began. “And we were both born in Akron, Ohio, so that means a lot to me.”

After his interview, James played the Wastebasket Challenge with DeGeneres, which saw him take a few ‘shots’ with the always fun talk show host.

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