LeBron And Ellen Drank A Bunch Of Vodka And Shot Crumpled Paper Into Trash Cans

09.07.16 3 years ago

LeBron James is nothing if not a good sport. He has little left to prove in his career after winning the first professional sports championship the city of Cleveland has seen since 1954.

As part of his victory lap, he recently appeared on Ellen, and seemed to be up for anything. So when Ellen DeGeneres asked him to shoot crumpled-up paper balls into moving garbage cans with her and take a shot of vodka for every one she made, he was in. The results, as you can see above, were predictably hilarious.

As part of the deal, Ellen had to take shot for every basket LeBron missed. That proved to be more than expected, because the trash cans moved while they were shooting. At one point, Ellen made LeBron take a shot of vodka and, while he was drinking, made a basket, forcing him to take another. He called it a “setup.” Ellen also had to repeatedly warn LeBron not to miss on purpose to make her have to take a shot. Not that she had to worry too much about that, because it turns out it’s hard to make a basket with a moving target when you’ve been drinking.

The whole video, needless to say, is pretty entertaining.

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