LeBron James’ Bid To Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday’ Has Been Denied

It’s been a busy offseason for LeBron James, what with trying to juggle all of his many priorities. The first order of business, securing Anthony Davis, got out of the way relatively early on, leaving plenty of space for the three-time champ to focus on the scores of other personal and business interests on his plate at any given time.

Some of that includes being an awesome sports dad and not only showing up to Bronny’s AAU games, but putting on a jaw-dropping dunk fest for everyone in attendance. A little lower on the rung was his bid to officially trademark the popular phrase “Taco Tuesday” via the U.S. Patent Office.

Unfortunately for him, that bid has apparently been denied, as the USPTO reportedly ruled that the phrase is far too common in everyday use to qualify for a trademark.

It’s truly a win for the rest of us, in a ruling that suggest money and fame can’t purchase ownership over everyday English phrases. For now, at least, Taco Tuesday still belongs to the people.