LeBron James Couldn’t Help But Troll His Atlanta Heckler: ‘Courtside Karen Was MAD MAD!!’

LeBron James is no stranger to getting heckled during basketball games. Still, the latest example of this on Monday night was a little unique, in large part due to the fact that there is a global pandemic going on right now and seeing people attending a sporting event is a little jarring.

The back-and-forth led to the fan and those in the immediate vicinity getting tossed from the game. In all, two women and two men were ejected, and while they seemed to be extremely not cool with the whole ordeal, James brushed it off his shoulder and explained after the game that he both did not think that the fans should have been tossed and that he missed the interaction that comes with the fans in the venue.

And then, LeBron had some time to mull it over and decided to get a joke off from his Twitter account about how “MAD MAD” that he was able to make “Courtside Karen.”

James has the support of a former teammate, too, as Jared Dudley thought this was extremely funny.

It is very much implied that if you are going to sit courtside and chirp at an NBA player during a basketball game that they are probably going to throw it back at you in some capacity. If this was not something that Courtside Karen anticipated, then this is now something that has been hammered home by the Twitter account of LeBron James.