An Appeal For LeBron James To Go Social Media Dark Right Now

03.23.16 2 years ago 6 Comments
lebron james

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Stop talking so much. That’s all LeBron James has to do.

The four-time MVP has turned the last couple of days into a referendum on online content, rather than a place to talk about basketball. Is who LeBron follows, or doesn’t follow, a story? Most NBA fans, even the die-hard variety, would say no. But then they click on that story anyway because we wanna know why the hell LeBron stopped following the Cavs — but then re-followed them on Instagram? James exacerbated the situation with the loudest next question in regular season NBA history. So, that was another 12 hours of news cycle coverage, which we basketbloggers lapped up like a particularly atavistic quote about Steph from a 1980s All-Star.

Except, it gets worse.

Now LeBron is wearing headphones in the locker room rather than continuing to act as the unofficial pre-game DJ. He’s also warning the rest of the NBA to respect the Cavs.

“They better, or they’ll lose,” he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Joe Vardon.

Why the hell would anyone respect this team right now? Because they’re the No. 1 seed in the East? Because LeBron is close to putting up a PER above 25 for the eleventh-consecutive season, something only MJ And Shaq have done?

Those are actually great reasons to take the Cavs seriously, so why do they — and specifically James — sound like moody children throwing a temper tantrum?

James offered up a weak explanation for unfollowing the Cavs after it spiraled into a bigger story than any one of us in the media wanted (we hate it more than you, even with the page views). He’s supposedly going into playoff mode earlier than usual. But then he went right back on Twitter yesterday to share this little gem of getting down to the business of basketball:

What about that is going dark?

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