LeBron James Found It ‘Weird’ Magic Johnson Resigned Without Giving Him A Heads Up

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While the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors faced off in an epic Game 3 on Saturday night, the latest episode of The Shop aired on HBO. The latest edition of the show, which stars LeBron James and Maverick Carter (both of whom serve as executive producers, too), featured a conversation regarding Magic Johnson’s stunning resignation from his role within the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office.

Back when Johnson left his job as the team’s president of basketball operations, much was made of the fact that no one in Los Angeles had any idea he made that decision. This included James, and as he explained on the show, he found Johnson’s decision to call it quits without telling anyone “weird.”

“Between my stretching session, my right hand came to me and said, ‘Magic just stepped down,'” James recalled. “I’m like, ‘Man, get the f*ck out my face, you’re bullsh*tting.’ I go check my phone, I look at it, this sh*t happened. Personally, for me, I came here to be a part of the Lakers organization having a conversation with Magic. So it was just weird for him to just be like, ‘I’m out of here,’ and not even have no, like, ‘Hey, Bron, kiss my ass, I’m gone.'”

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