LeBron On Zlatan’s Comments: ‘I Will Never Shut Up About Something That’s Wrong’

The Lakers and Blazers squared off tonight in Los Angeles, with each team entering the contest on a losing skid and hoping to regain some traction as they head toward the All-Star break. Ultimately, it was the Lakers who would come away with the relatively easy 103-92 win, despite a 35-point night from Damian Lillard.

LeBron was even better, finishing with 28 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists, four steals, and three blocks on the night to snap the Lakers’ four-game slide and extend Portland’s losing streak to five. But after the game, the conversation once again turned to comments made earlier in the day by soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović, who criticized LeBron for being politically outspoken.

LeBron, with his usual poise, responded by saying he refuses to stay silent about injustice and proceeded to list some of the many social causes that he’s involved with and has invested so much of his time, money, and energy into, not just in the past year with the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election, but throughout his career.

Zlatan’s comments echoed so many on the political right over the years who have told LeBron to “shut up and dribble” in one way or another, which LeBron has consistently ignored and instead continued to bring greater awareness to causes he cares about and believes in.