LeBron Gave A Rare Update On Bronny’s Recruitment After A Report Said Oregon Is The Frontrunner To Land Him

There are not many high school basketball recruits who have generated as much attention as Bronny James. It’s something that comes with the territory — being named “LeBron Raymone James Jr.” is assuredly going to turn heads when you step on the basketball court — but despite that, Bronny’s recruitment has been rather unique because, well, there just haven’t been a whole lot of reports about scholarship offers, visits, or anything else that normally comes in recruiting. Really the only major update on what his future holds that we’ve gotten is that Bronny’s dad wants to play with him in the NBA somewhere down the line.

On Tuesday, we received a rare update by way of Jamie Shaw of On3, who reported that Oregon are the frontrunners to land Bronny. Per Shaw, the Ducks boast “a lead” and as of now, “James is looking like he will end up in Eugene.” It caught on like wildfire on the heels of the 4-star guard’s monster poster dunk earlier this week, but on Tuesday night, LeBron decided to address the report directly.

LeBron took to Twitter and posted a legitimate update on where things stand with Bronny, saying that it’s been nothing more than a few calls at this point. While he did not say which schools are working to acquire his services, LeBron did say that Bronny will be the one to announce where he’s headed.

Bronny is about to enter his senior year of high school. On3’s consensus ranking has him as the number 44 prospect in his class.